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You cant google love… December 10, 2008

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You cant Google love

You can only go out there, water it and let it grow

With plenty of sunshine to warm its innermost cockles

You cant search for love; plan for it or hunt it down like a wild beast you want to pinup on your wall as a trophy

It is not something that a five point plan can achieve

For love is ever changing like a stream you may be able to direct but you can never halt or dam or force

Sit, wait, dream and it may come to you

Reach out to another and love will open it’s arms…

Love cant be hoarded away for a rainy day

It must be given to grow…

Lavish and generous

The more things you love, the more love you have and the more love you can give

Love is making someone else happy,

It creates a world within a world

Young Love

Young Love


2 Responses to “You cant google love…”

  1. is this an original if so kudos are due. keep this blogging up i enjoy it.

  2. bessabariangirl Says:

    of course it’s an original! Inspired by a certain someone….the photo however is from the net

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