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57 things I want to Do Before I die (2008 edition) December 22, 2008

I started this list when I was 10 and have been adding to it, and crossing off it ever since.

1. Make a difference; rattle the world with something that will last and change future generations, the way people live and think

2. Be in love with life – capre diem!

3. Change someone’s life, inspire them,

4. Fall in love totally and completely

5. Write and publish a book/novel – or a few! Something classic, like the next Jane Austen

6. Record an album with at least a few originals, tour with a band

7. Have a family and raise children to look at the world with innocent, lovinh, curious eyes (in other words – not brats!)

8. See the Australian Chamber orchestra live in concert (and meet Richard Togetti!)

9. Play in an orchestra for a full length symphony and/or the Messiah with a full orchestra!

10. Play these pieces on violin

  • Meditation
  • Bruch’s Violin Concerto
  • Montagues and Capulets
  • Nigun
  • Banjo and Violin

Play a violin concerto with a full orchestra backing

11. Get a lead role in a musical

12. Visit Prince Edward Island

13. Travel Europe

Other places to see:

  • Grand Canyon
  • Spain
  • Canada
  • Russia
  • Africa
  • New York
  • Jerusalem and Israel

14. Go on a missions trip

Went to the Solomon Islands 08

Missions Trip: Went to the Solomon Islands 08

15. Go on a pilgrimage(could be liked to #13)

16. Visit Broadway. See Les Miserables, Rent, Lion King, Mamma Mia, Sondheim

17. Spend a month in some foreign city i.e. Paris

18. Ride the Orient Express

19. Read as many books as possible

20. Hanglide like a bird

21. Sing at Carols by Candelight in Melbourne

22. Write a musical

23. Act in a movie or a stage show (even a commercial!)

24. Go to a U2 concert

25. Be a hero to someone

26. Make friends with someone I dont like

27. Meet a gypsy/Bohemian

28. Discover something

29. Conduct an orchestra

30. Fly an aeroplane

31. SEE THE SNOW, feel it, play in it, have a white Christmas

32. Find every planet on a telescope

33. Meet/Interview a famous person

34. Stay awake for 48 hours

35. Learn to tap dance

36. Go to a real ball (like the ones in fairytales)

37. Host a radio show

38. Go to the Hillsong conference

39. Paint an oil

40. Set up my own webpage

41. Do something no one’s ever done before

42. Start a club, society or band

43. Be a leader on a summer camp/music camp

44. Graffiti something public

45. Sleep under the stars with only a blanket

46. Learn self defence

47. Climb a ridgy-didge mountain

48. Have a two storey house with a designated guest bedroom full of guests

49. Get lost in a forest

50. Go to these music festivals:

  • Byron Bay Blues and Roots Fest
  • Tamworth Country Festival (enter Fiddle competition)
  • Port Fairy Folk Festival

51. Dye my hair red

The red head days....

#51 The red head days....

52. See the Olympics OR the World Cup

53. Touch the clouds

54. Fly in a balloon

55. Make an outfit by myself

56. Learn how to yodel

57. Own a camel or llama or alpaca

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3 Responses to “57 things I want to Do Before I die (2008 edition)”

  1. Matthras Says:

    Admittedly I’m in love with the ACO concerts – the only problem is that it makes all the other orchestras seem inferior :P.

    Oooh Banjo and Violin. Come to think of it I should get around to organising the piano part for cello – but I don’t think my brother’s interested in playing that piece anymore (he’s a violinist too) 😦

    I’d suggest energy drinks for the 48 hour stunt, but that’s pretty dangerous =P. Even so, I’m sure there’s something that keeps you occupied enough to stay awake (some watch movies, others spend excessive hours on computer games…)!

    As for conducting – you should see me when I’m on the train. Half the time Mozart’s G Major Violin Concerto is playing in my head and I can’t stop conducting to the first/third movements =P.

  2. I think you might be able to cross a few more of that list have a look at four and ten. and i can help you out with 44 this weekend if you want ive got heaps of paints and stencils lying around and theres plenty of blank walls in corryong.

    25: you’re my hero, i could comment on this list for hours but i think this will suffice

  3. Number 34 comes naturally for me. I’m a bit of an insomniac.

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