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Some Advice for ‘That Time of Month’ April 27, 2009

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There is a small print to having a girlfriend. Namely a certain of
month where her general emotions become a lot more…intensified…and
it may involve emotional outbreaks for seemingly no reason but inside
her invisible to the outside world is the incredible weight of the
thing called her life that all of a sudden becomes a crushing burden
she struggles underneath. What she needs at this point of time is some
warm arms to snuggle into, sympathetic nods, getting anrgy at the
people/things that make her angry, cooked tea, chocolate and loving


One Response to “Some Advice for ‘That Time of Month’”

  1. Matthras Says:

    You know, it’s SO much more comforting to actually read about ‘that time of the month’ from a girl’s perspective! *thumbs up*

    And I’m serious, I can only imagine the million of guys out there who just don’t get it at all.

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