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That’s the way I like it! October 26, 2009

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Free like a bird!

Free Like a Bird


End of thirteen years of an institution…I have survived with my individuality intact! And that is a feat my friends.

I remember in Year 7 running around like a wild, wooley fairy, me and my fellow non-conformists with flowers in our hair, climbing trees, imagining, avid followers of Anne of Green Gables.

I finished in red suspenders and a jazz hat dressed like a boy. Finally accepted to some degree I guess from the others. A little pruned I guess, more stylish, tactful, knowledgable…

Now the real world starts and boy am I pumped for it!



One Response to “That’s the way I like it!”

  1. gratuit jeux Says:

    jolie post , merci pour l’info

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