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Listen to You Life May 24, 2009

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“Listen to your life. See it for the fathomless mystery it is. In the boredom and pain of it no less than in the excitement and gladness: touch, taste, smell your way to the holy and hidden heart of it because in the last analysis all moments are key moments, and life itself is grace.”
Frederick Buecher ‘Now and Then’


Some Advice for ‘That Time of Month’ April 27, 2009

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There is a small print to having a girlfriend. Namely a certain of
month where her general emotions become a lot more…intensified…and
it may involve emotional outbreaks for seemingly no reason but inside
her invisible to the outside world is the incredible weight of the
thing called her life that all of a sudden becomes a crushing burden
she struggles underneath. What she needs at this point of time is some
warm arms to snuggle into, sympathetic nods, getting anrgy at the
people/things that make her angry, cooked tea, chocolate and loving


I have to get this off my chest and into the world of blogging February 16, 2009

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i got threatened today that if i bring my guitar and play it at school camp it will get smashed. from one of my supposed friends. i’m like WHAT guitars bring atmosphere to camps!!!! but then i remembered year 9 camp where i hardly played it at all and the girls hid it under my bed and didnt tell me where it was and i freaked. i’m still bringing it though. wont let those stupid conformists stifle me…..JUST WAIT TILL I’M A FAMOUS MUSICIAN


Lets start at the very beginning…. December 10, 2008

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Stranded Gypsy Girl on a stranded beach

Stranded Gypsy Girl on a stranded beach

...a very good place to start as Julie Andrews would have me believe

This is the start of my new experiment…a blog to start over the summer holidays and so instead of idley whittling away my hours on the computer I can stream the idle and whittle into text and pour it forth over the internet.

I have been pouring forth via ink and paper in my inseparable diary for years – ever since I was eleven. I’m seventeen-going-on-eighteen now and much more fluent in the world but hopefully I havent lost all that wonder and excitement for it.

Where does the stranded gypsy come into it? Well I’ve always had a fascination for gypsy – beings of free spirits, passion and creativity. their music and stories set fire to my imagination even so far removed as I am in this dust bowl I live in with people whose lives seem to revolve around tv, sheep and beer. While I yearn for things like literature, music, people – meeting people where they’re at. I’ve always had this burning desire to be different, to stand out. It’s like an instinct  I’ve had ever since a child. Also, to make a difference, to really change things, be part of a movement. These are some of the forces that drive my life. Hence the ‘stranded’ part; at the moment I seem to constantly be looking out and striving for things beyond my reach…stranded also means ‘many strings tangled into one’ and isn’t that what life is?

So…my experiment for this Summer holidays. I’m liking it already…but the question is, do YOU like it? We shall wait, type and see. Hopefully I wont get RSI from continual tapping.

What I hope to blog…my loves – life, random musings, books, music…a view from a tiny little town of 100 people in country Australia that longs for the city. I hope to inspire you and not waste your time.

I cant promise you steady reams but I can promise you my words, straight from my heart.

Love, peace and respect