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Some Advice for ‘That Time of Month’ April 27, 2009

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There is a small print to having a girlfriend. Namely a certain of
month where her general emotions become a lot more…intensified…and
it may involve emotional outbreaks for seemingly no reason but inside
her invisible to the outside world is the incredible weight of the
thing called her life that all of a sudden becomes a crushing burden
she struggles underneath. What she needs at this point of time is some
warm arms to snuggle into, sympathetic nods, getting anrgy at the
people/things that make her angry, cooked tea, chocolate and loving


ASSORTED NIBBLIES #1 April 24, 2009

Being a busy (newly) 18 year old with her final year of high school, production and violin to keep her constantly on the go…it’s hard to write my usual superbly crafted articles for this blog on a regular basis (note sarcasm intended) therefore every so often on a much more frequent basis I will include these ‘Assorted Nibbles’ – much like assorted nibblies you find at party they are small interesting snippets full of flavour that satiate your taste buds until the next meal arrives.

So enjoy!

Party Aftermath

“You left your mask behind

Hanging on my tree

And with a fixed grin it is

Completely mocking me”

Erin’s Study Tip: Do not do you study within arms reach of food. But do have it in arms reach of water

“He looses it in the most beautiful way” Julia Lester Classic FM Radio Announcer. What we could hope for every musician at one point in their careers.

Song I have a crush on at the moment: ‘Times Are A Changin’ cover by Tracey Chapman yeah I know classic oldie right but I am young and so have only just discovered it for myself. The words are so powerful and I’m just praying that they have as much relevance to this decade as it did in the 70’s cos there’s so much out there that needs some ‘changes’ and yes i do want to be one of those ‘writers and prophets’…and Tracey’s voice just fits suits this song so well.

Latest Mission: Making people I come into contact with feel like they matter and that they’re worthwhile. Inpisred by Gandhi who I’ve been reading about lately and how he abolished the Indian caste of the ‘Untouchables’ – let no one be an Untouchable in your life – instead reach out and touch their lives and who nkows you could change it. There’s also an Indian Caste of the ‘Invisibles’ who people dont even see. Wouldn’t it be amazing to them if someone actually looked them in the eye and noticed them for who they were. So dont ignore people even if you feel awkward around them – meet their eye and even with a simple nod acknowelge their prescence!


How I’m Going to Live My Life From Now On March 16, 2009

A Few More Resolutions/Thoughts

Lach + Erin

Lach + Erin

  • I’m going to try and live by humility and gratitude (as opposed to whinging and selfishness)

  • Stay Inspired and Stimulated

  • I’m going to speak. To sing. If only for eight half deaf people!

  • Let joy…sparked by love of God and people…be my defining characteristic

  • Life is there to….enable/spark changes in other people’s lives by leaving a bit of your soul behind whether on stage, through a blog post, or in day to day contact

  • Be enhanced everyday by my relationship with god

  • Unplug this darn computer for a day each week!

  • Try to go for a Walk everyday for refreshment

  • Read before going to bed FOR FUN

    Take it Each Step at a time Honey

  • Lach – love him, support him the best way I can, apply 1 Corinthians 13

  • Take notes of what interests and inspires me

  • Try to do all my homework before Sunday arvo so i can take it off


Advice for Surviving Year 12 (in style)! January 26, 2009

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So, gearing up for Year 12, I’ve been hearing and hearing mountain loads of advice on what to do, what not to do, how to achieve that highest possible glittering gold enter.

So, in sum, I shall collate it here:


Study! Study! Study!

Study! Study! Study!

Qualification: Just finished Year 12 with an Enter of 93

“dont think of it as a whole year, it feels overwhelming, just look after the current day and it will work out

and do it in the interests of education rather than enter score

so if your enjoying what you do as much you can then it should be a good year”


Qualification: A Camp Leader of mine who has some great advice

“The best thing I did for year 12 was to have coffee with my friends once a week”

“Read all your English books in the summer holidays”

Nicholas Mannering

Qualification: Kwong Dow Lee Young Scholar

“You’ll see the HSC is a test on you as a person, where you are what you want to be and if you’ve got the guts to hang in there.”


Qualification: Kwong Dow Lee Young Scholar

“Definitely maintain your social life. I personally think you shouldn’t drastically change it because your brain needs ‘break time’ to take in and process the information you’re studying (which is the same reason why sleep is important). For me, I actually decided to commit myself to an hour’s study a night. However you all know as well as I do that it’s not the hours, it’s how you study.
And if you have a hobby or something, or regularly go out somewhere different every weekend, that’s always a good distractor.”

Xavier Snell

Qualification: Kwong Dow Lee Young Scholar
“Just a couple of tips I found useful last year, and yes keeping in the theme of ‘balance’

Sleep is important and cannot be compensated with caffeine, staying up to 1am may get some homework done, but it will be of poor quality and the next day you will be tired and this will cause your workload and stress to increase.

Find a group of like-minded (ie study orientated) who are doing some of the same subjects, being able to talk with friends is a great help, for you and them, and if you share subjects you can draw paralells between the subjects and study effectively

Use your school’s facilities as much as possible, most teachers are willing to help students who want to learn at lunch time and after school, and the school library (or other areas that are quiet and have resources) is a great place to study, if you feel your not getting study done at home or a friend’s house.

But with that, you need balance. Year 12 is not entirely about studying, you have to take time out to enjoy life, friends, family, a party every now and then, a good book, that isn’t on the text list, or just watching the odd movie or favourite tv show are always great relaxation and stress relievers.

But no matter what you’ve got to remember that it is your year, not your parents’ not your teachers’ or a future uni’s year, you have to find a balance, and how you want to work, and within a few weeks of year 12, the euphoria and excitement of the final year wear off and hopefully you will find your niche and enjoy the year.”


Advice for Teens Getting Their Wisdom Teeth Out January 8, 2009

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As spoken from experience because I’m actually experiencing it right now wrapped up in some groovy icepack thing

Help this little feller on his way to recovery

Help this little feller on his way to recovery

Anyways, here’s some tips


…as the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Advises. You only make it worse. Oh sure, everytime you mention your upcoming operation you get gasps, sympathetic looks, winces and horror stories and I myself was starting to freak out after experiencing these sorts of reactions EVERYTIME I TOLD SOMEONE! But it isn’t all that bad and countless people go through it and come through to the other end unscarred. Mine was only a half hour procedure. So relax.

2) Stock up on Icecream, Jelly, Yoghurt and Chocoalte Mousse

..this is the best excuse in the world to indulge and NO ONE is going to begrude you. Side’s icecream is my favourite because it slips down with minimal chewing (which is a good thing), tastes good and cools the insides of the mouth.

3) REST!

…ok so you’re up to the eyes with painkillers and you’re not feeling sick at all…but trust me this is only an illusion. Dont do what I did and get all excited and start doing stuff and then collapse in a mess as a weakling for the rest of the day. Just lie down on the couch surrounded by movies, books, ipods, kittens and whatever else takes your fancy andwhittle away the time nicely.


Tip For life 1 January 1, 2009

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Dont take yourself too seriously

Even the most famous person of the 20th century didnt take himself too seriously

Even the most famous person of the 20th century didnt take himself too seriously