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How to Have Your Best Swimming Sports Ever! February 28, 2009

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Here’s some ideas based on my 6 years of experience of attending Swimming Sports both the good and bad…

Getting Into the Spirit of Things

Getting Into the Spirit of Things

1. Get into and push the spirit of the day!

This starts with the House Captains. They have to be sold out to winning and having fun, but all the same not taking it too seriously…make sure all your team members feel like they’re valuable and contributing to the day and you will find them willing to do anything for you…even an Individual Medley…This means rousing speeches to motivate your team, lots of encourgaement, make up some chants – maybe you would even consider having a cheerleading section for your team. This means decorating the pool with more decorations than the other teams, it could mean dressing up in a large animal suit of the colour of your team….whatever it takes!

2. Have a commentator

Get some of your gregarious Year 12’s or a funny teacher to commentate the day so that those sitting back under the trees and stuff can still know what’s happening. This also generates excitement and atmosphere.

3. Have a DJ

Fact: Nothing creates atmosphere like music. So gets some beats happening (even if it’s just someones Ipod with Ipod speakers) to have that Summer-by-the-pool vibe about the event. This is also a good feature for your non swimmers (and there’s also more non swimmers than actual swimmers so be nice to them!)

4. Use imagination when designing Events

Make the day memorable. For example our House Captains utilized a giant “pool monster” for the traditional ‘Captains Race’ which the kids could then use in the free swim. My Dad speaks fondly of his Swimming Sports where they had mostly novelty events such as a watermelon being thrown into the pool where you had to try and get it (but it’d be slippery and heavy so it would be a real team effort). The high school has mostly novelty events such as the clothes relay where you dress your member in clothes they then have to swim to the other side and exchange their clothes with the next person (obviously not ALL of their clothes!). This makes swimming sports much more accessible for those non swimmers, and, dare I say, more interesting.

5. FOOD! Have a BBQ or a Cake Stall or both

School Athletic events are the perfect opportunities for the SRC or a social justice group to make money from hungry competitors who even better have parents around to give them cash. Design a roster, make sure you advertise and get numbers so you dont cook too many sausages. Also gives non swimmers something to do!

6. Bring a Guitar

This works trust me, it will get passed around more than a newborn baby.



How to get everyone in the world to like you… December 13, 2008

First Step: This is impossible.

My best friends on a shopping trip

My best friends on a shopping trip

As Abraham Lincoln stated, “You cannot please all of the people, all of the time”. Even the nicest people in the world have their haters, because people will inexplicably hate people for no reason. You do not have the problem. They have the problem.

Just look at Jesus, the most God-like, loving person to ever exist and he was CRUCIFED for it! Even if you were covered in chocolate, you still wouldn’t be the most liked person in the world. Because some people inexplicably don’t like chocolate. Some are allergic to it. Some ate too much chocolate mousse at their school fate in Grade 3 and threw it up and so have a taste aversion to it.

So whatever you do there will be those who love you, those who hate you, those you don’t understand you, those you have to explain yourself to a million times and they STILL don’t get you, those who idolize you and then expect you to be perfect and get disillusioned when you trip and fall like a normal human being and those so self centered they don’t even give you a second’s thought. This is a hard lesson, one I’ve had to accept myself, that I can’t please everyone, I can only please myself with who I am and how I’ve acted.

How to Get More People Than Not To Like You

Be true to yourself.

Everyone hates an artist who sells out. You have to know who you are and be confident. People don’t like people who are down on themselves all the times, constantly beating themselves up for their mistakes and complaining. But don’t be too cocky either – humility is the key. Humility is thinking of others more than you think of yourself. Not being afraid to share the spotlight around to others, but not being afraid to accept compliments either.

Don’t care about people liking you

Insecurity is a major turn off. Some people feel they have to have a group of followers to assure them of their self-worth. That will turn you into either a clingy or a controlling person, which in the end will loose you all those friends you fought so hard to gain. People are attracted to those who are secure in themselves, who know they don’t have to prove themselves to everyone. This also makes you a lot less prone to peer pressure and pleasing everyone, which goes back to step 1.

3. Genuinely Care about Other people

It’    It’s that simple. Ask others about how their day went before ranting on about yours. If they had a lousy day, cheer them up. Encourage people, give them attention and make them feel  important. This is the central cry of every person’s heart – to be important, to matter. As Dale Carnegie says, “You can make more friends in two months  by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.

Don’t be afraid to give compliments, as long as they’re genuine (fake sounding flattery will only get you crossed off party lists), it will make people’s day and light them up like nothing  else. Be creative about the compliments too, don’t just say, “nice shirt”, try to make it more memorable (but not weird: “You nose reminds me of my aunt’s pet Chihuahua” just may be crossing the line). For instance, instead of the standard “nice shirt”, you could say “Orange is definitely your color” or “You always look so unique and stand out of the crowd”. Compliments about personal attributes go further than just the standard, “nice hair” e.g., “I love it how you’re so patient with people, it really puts them at ease”.

For some other great resources:

  • Read Dale Carnegie’s book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People“.

The advice in that book is gold! It covers everything from arguments to influencing people in a positive way. A must for your book collection!