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Diary of a 12 year Old January 14, 2009

I have been keeping an extensive and inseparable diary for years – ever since I was eleven. Seven years on, hundreds of words and 37 diaries later I am still writing in my diaries as much as ever.

Anyway, last night I was perusing my old diary – the one I called ‘Rosa De Moverly’ (back in my Anne of Green Gables obsessed days) and it was pretty much the funniest thing I have read in a long time

So here I shall publish the funny and interesting excerpts from the diary of a 12 year old book and boy obsessed girl (and wonder whether I have changed all that much!)

Oh and I’m keeping the original spelling and grammar

* Saturday 26th October 2003 (After breaking my leg doing long jump at the school sports)

The Young Diary Writer - very impressionable!

The Young Diary Writer - very impressionable!

“It’s kind of dumb how people say, ‘are you alright?’ when your there, tears pouring down your face combining with sand and snot. I suppose it’s also a sign they care.”

* Sunday 27st October 2003 (as part of a story I wrote)

“His face was a hopeless, barren desert when you are slowley dying of thirst and a terrorist holds you at gun point deciding whether or not to blow your brains to bits while he drinks the last few drops you have, then spits it in your face”

“Lucille cried out like an eagle having its wings hacked”

* Friday 7th November 2003 (the days of the Primary school romance. I find the shock and outrage of this excerpt quite funny)

“But not as obssesed as Danielle is about Brad – you should see her! She writes his name everywhere, over and over again. Yesterday she gave him her first proper kiss – on the lips! They’ve pecked before (4 times) but not on the lips. Shhhhh….dont tell anyone.”

* Monday 10th November 2003 (about our school camp to Canberra)

“On the seat beside me was Danielle and Bradley – two loverbirds . They held hands passionately near the end for a long time! It made me want to puke and I kept on giving Danielle “looks” to convey my message.”

* 24th Monday November 2003 (you can see the beginnings of my feminist thinking here yet still boy obsessed)

“I like to have muscles, to not cry much, to not be girlish and gigglish, to like cars and leggo and footey.”

“Back to transition. Sorry I get off the subject  a lot, my train of thought you see, but who really cares, I dont think this will be published; and even if it is no one will care because they’ll be too engrossed in all my interesting stuff I have to say…where was I?”

* Sunday 30th November 2003

“…but he had nice eyes. Usually nice eyes is a saving grace to a male who usually would look, well, pretty ordinary.”

* 6-01-04

“There are lots of curious things in this world, things that are fun to speculate, but can give you a headache if you dwell on them too long”

“(I think we will be pinching pennies – but pinching hurts so much!)”

* 7-01-04

“The easiest way to fake tears, is to think of something realy sad like when Matthew dies in Anne of Green Gables and what his last words were (that always gets me in tears)

“If I couldnt read (or write) I dont know what I’d do. I’d just be existing, flavour would go out of life making it blonde. But I can, no fear (by the way, the same definitely applies to music)”


“(I’m very fond of brackets, and semi-colons; but mostly brackets)”



How to Get your Butt off Facebook and Stop Wasting Time January 12, 2009

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Alright I basically wrote this for myself cos I let Facebook eat up way too much of my waking hours that could be spent in some other way. And judging from what i see of my friends, they do too. So I write this for all of us, sharing advice that hopefully I will make myself follow one of these days!

….New Years Resolutions anyone?

From what I can see it’s a cycle, I feel I have to check it at least once a day to stay in the circle of gossip but then realise that most of the ‘friends’ I am reading up about are people I met years ago who I’m not actually all that interested whose contact should have been naturally died ages ago.

That’s not to say I dont love facebook but it’s just so time consuming and doesn’t really bring much in return, only shreds of lukewarm gossip.

And so I’m thinking less time on the darstardly thing will be a good idea

So, here are some strategies:


Set yourself a limit to how much time you ARE going to waste on the thing cos cold turkey is so hard.

So set a timer i.e. ten minutes and stick to it

And limit yourself to checking it once a day or whatever, this helps wean your dependance from it


When you go on the computer, or on facebook I find that I am most productive and less time-wasting if I have a clear idea of what I’m doing.

So, if need be write down exactly the tasks you hope to achieve e.g. “send comment to Elisa”, “send gift to Hugh for birthday”, “check mail” or at least have a clear idea in your head what you want to do and STICK WITH IT and DONT GET DISTRACTED and GET OUT OF THERE as soon as it’s all done

Do something Else!

There are countless other things to do. turn the computer off. Go outside for a walk. Call up a friend. Read a book (go Terry Pratchett!!) Get ideas.

As one of my favourite posts of all time from Alex the girl says,

“Please go out there and do. Live. Don’t be the same as yesterday. Don’t live vicariously online. Don’t use language that has no meaning or talk ideas you don’t really live. Don’t hide. Don’t copy others or live their ideas or life. Don’t fear doing your thing. Don’t fear doing. Instead of reading a decorating magazine, paint that room. Instead of thinking of baking, do up a cake. Run, walk, bike. Put that self help book down and pick up yourself.” (read the whole thing at it’s excellent!)

So I go now, and I’m going to try not to be a hypocrite and so I’ll follow my advice and go and DO something!



Bohemian Style – The Staple January 5, 2009

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Ok, lets think, what’s the instantaneous mental image of a piece of clothing to the ‘Boho’ movement

Does it look anything like this?

Cool, cute, light and feathery...the ideal

Cool, cute, light and feathery...the ideal

Yep, the Boho Skirt which people had an obsession with back in 2005, so it’s now really easy to find at least several of these skirts cast away as the trend died down at Op Shops. I myself own at least five…no it’s not obsession or anything…

Why are they so great?

  • Great for Summer – I’m not really a “shorts” girl and so these are such a good, funky. arty looking alternative for summer, keeping me just as cool as any other girl.
  • The flow – which means that these skirts look great on anyone – young or old, fat or thin. The material drapes nicely covering the legs and giving a flowing feminine shape which is important for that carefree look.
  • Dancing. These skirts were MADE to dance in. Just going around barefoot with an anklet and host of bangles releases the inner gypsy
  • COLOURS!!! There are so many styles and colours to choose from! Which means there’s one for every mood. Beading and fringing are usual additions. Thats why you need several, so you can mix and match with everything.

    arty feminity

    Fairy-skirt: arty feminity

What to put with the skirt to complete the look:

  • Tops: You need something a bit plainer because the skirt does all it’s own talking – it needs no adding to! So a plain tank in a complementay colour will do fine. I favour more neutral earthy tones such as browns and oranges and really light pinks to go with mine. Blue can work as well.
  • BIG BELT!! Yes, I LOVE these!! You clinch the entire thing together with a big belt, can be as ornate or as plain as you like depending on how busy the rest of the look is getting. Nothing will complete it in such a way as the BIG BELT!
  • Scarves – a plain, light summery scarf around the neck or as a soft alternative to the BIG BELT
  • Necklace – you dont need anything too fancy, wooden beads work great. Something that looks slightly ethnic like it’s been bought from a market from some Island Country – in fact markets are a great way to pick one of these.

    Ethnic simplicity works well

    Ethnic simplicity works well

  • Bangles – a definitive statement of the boho tradition, what could be more alluring than shininess and jangliness every time you gesture and dance?
  • Flip Flops (at risk of sounding American, thongs at risk of sounding Aussie), or sandals any kind, summery and light
  • Turquoise is classic yet funky

    Turquoise is classic yet funky

    Dangly Earrings – a must! These are great and you can have so many styles, have fun with this one

Here’s just a start to the basic Boho look. Of course this is all suggestions, the whole idea is that you do what you like with it. I quote from an excellent article on wikihow:

Boho-chic doesn’t just mean flowy peasant skirts and flip flops, and messenger bags. An important aspect of bohemian style is individuality; this means embracing your own personality and expressing it through your fashion choices. You may not know anyone who actually wears feathery layered skirts, but if you love to, then that’s all that matters. Bohemian style may be described as a trend with certain looks to follow, but it’s really all about following your own inspirations.



Bohemian Style 1

In case you haven’t realized, I am a girl who enjoys the gypsy flair, one entranced by the lure of an unconvential life and a definite bohemian style

This can be reflected in your life in many different ways from the books you read, the things you do, your attitudes, and of course the fashion aspect which helps you feel all the other aspects come together in your persona, your individuality and your style.

Carefree and nonformist - The Bohemian Girl

Carefree and non-conformist - The Bohemian Girl

So I will be writing a series on the Bohemian Style


Here’s the definition from

A person with artistic or literary interests who disregards conventional standards of behavior.

Here’s the definition from “The term bohemian was first used in the nineteenth century to describe the untraditional lifestyles of marginalized and impoverished artists, writers, musicians, and actors in major European cities. Bohemians were associated with unorthodox or antiestablishment political or social viewpoints, which were often expressed through frugality and/or “voluntary poverty” (which is :


“The term emerged in France in the 1800s when artists and creators began to concentrate in the lower-rent, lower class gypsy neighbourhoods. The term “Bohemian” reflects a belief, widely held in France at the time, that the Gypsies had come from Bohemia.[1]”

BohemianBohemian – a member of a people with dark skin and hair who speak Romany and who traditionally live by seasonal work and fortunetelling; they are believed to have originated in northern India but now are living on all continents (but mostly in Europe, North Africa, and North America)

Indian – a native or inhabitant of India
gitana – a Spanish female Gypsy
gitano – a Spanish male Gypsy
2. Bohemian – a native or inhabitant of Bohemia in the Czech Republic

Czech Republic – a landlocked republic in central Europe; separated from Slovakia in 1993
European – a native or inhabitant of Europe
3. bohemian – a nonconformist writer or artist who lives an unconventional life

recusant, nonconformist – someone who refuses to conform to established standards of conduct
Adj. 1. Bohemian – of or relating to Bohemia or its language or people

So we can see that this style is combining gypsy, hippies – carefree with the just thrown together from the closest look but with an artistic sensibility. This is a good place to start as we get the feel for the look and the lifestyle.


Tip For life 1 January 1, 2009

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Dont take yourself too seriously

Even the most famous person of the 20th century didnt take himself too seriously

Even the most famous person of the 20th century didnt take himself too seriously


57 things I want to Do Before I die (2008 edition) December 22, 2008

I started this list when I was 10 and have been adding to it, and crossing off it ever since.

1. Make a difference; rattle the world with something that will last and change future generations, the way people live and think

2. Be in love with life – capre diem!

3. Change someone’s life, inspire them,

4. Fall in love totally and completely

5. Write and publish a book/novel – or a few! Something classic, like the next Jane Austen

6. Record an album with at least a few originals, tour with a band

7. Have a family and raise children to look at the world with innocent, lovinh, curious eyes (in other words – not brats!)

8. See the Australian Chamber orchestra live in concert (and meet Richard Togetti!)

9. Play in an orchestra for a full length symphony and/or the Messiah with a full orchestra!

10. Play these pieces on violin

  • Meditation
  • Bruch’s Violin Concerto
  • Montagues and Capulets
  • Nigun
  • Banjo and Violin

Play a violin concerto with a full orchestra backing

11. Get a lead role in a musical

12. Visit Prince Edward Island

13. Travel Europe

Other places to see:

  • Grand Canyon
  • Spain
  • Canada
  • Russia
  • Africa
  • New York
  • Jerusalem and Israel

14. Go on a missions trip

Went to the Solomon Islands 08

Missions Trip: Went to the Solomon Islands 08

15. Go on a pilgrimage(could be liked to #13)

16. Visit Broadway. See Les Miserables, Rent, Lion King, Mamma Mia, Sondheim

17. Spend a month in some foreign city i.e. Paris

18. Ride the Orient Express

19. Read as many books as possible

20. Hanglide like a bird

21. Sing at Carols by Candelight in Melbourne

22. Write a musical

23. Act in a movie or a stage show (even a commercial!)

24. Go to a U2 concert

25. Be a hero to someone

26. Make friends with someone I dont like

27. Meet a gypsy/Bohemian

28. Discover something

29. Conduct an orchestra

30. Fly an aeroplane

31. SEE THE SNOW, feel it, play in it, have a white Christmas

32. Find every planet on a telescope

33. Meet/Interview a famous person

34. Stay awake for 48 hours

35. Learn to tap dance

36. Go to a real ball (like the ones in fairytales)

37. Host a radio show

38. Go to the Hillsong conference

39. Paint an oil

40. Set up my own webpage

41. Do something no one’s ever done before

42. Start a club, society or band

43. Be a leader on a summer camp/music camp

44. Graffiti something public

45. Sleep under the stars with only a blanket

46. Learn self defence

47. Climb a ridgy-didge mountain

48. Have a two storey house with a designated guest bedroom full of guests

49. Get lost in a forest

50. Go to these music festivals:

  • Byron Bay Blues and Roots Fest
  • Tamworth Country Festival (enter Fiddle competition)
  • Port Fairy Folk Festival

51. Dye my hair red

The red head days....

#51 The red head days....

52. See the Olympics OR the World Cup

53. Touch the clouds

54. Fly in a balloon

55. Make an outfit by myself

56. Learn how to yodel

57. Own a camel or llama or alpaca

If you felt inspired after reading this feel free to read more by subscribing via RSS feed


to tame the savage beast December 12, 2008

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I have discovered something…the power of a smile.

Smiling in the face of war

Smiling in the face of war

Seriously, just flash it at people and pretend that it will melt their hearts into soft, pliable putty and it WILL! Even the meanest, strictest goes-out-of-her-way-to-catch-you teacher at my school is starting to succumb. But then maybe that has to do with the fact I play music to her mother at a retirement home once a week…(music is also related to taming the savage beast, as the old adage goes)

It’s like a ticket into a persons heart…a key to the things that they keep locked up inside.

I’ve never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful.

Do not repay evil with evil…rather conquer evil by doing good…Nothing niggles evil more than a smile in the face of their slander

So go ahead…stretch that thing across your cheekbones and stun the world with your brilliance.

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.  ~Phyllis Diller

*Warning* There is such a thing as smiling too much…as can be seen in Olympic Synchronized Swimmers. Smiling too much makes you come across as insincere and annoying. A good rule of thumb may be to smile when you mean it – when you see someone and look them in the eye, when you see something that triggers the warmth of happiness in your brain, don’t be afraid to translate that into a grin.

*Note to girls with braces* Dont let those wire spiders get in the way of you and the world by hiding thwem. I had braces for two years, and my boyfriend informs me that guys actually have a thing for braces  he and his mates in years 8 and 9 would get excited over them. So flaunt em baby!

Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.  ~Mark Twain, Following the Equator

Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been. ~Mark Twain, Following the Equator