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How to Get out of Your Comfort Zone these Holidays January 25, 2009

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Summer holidays…perfect for chillaxin’ and sleeping in, but also for stretching yourself beyond the norm…grasp the opportunity of breaking out of the routine these holidays

Here are a few ideas:

  • Do something you’ve never done before

This could be taking a different route home, going to a nearby town you’ve never been before, talking to a different person you’ve never talked to before, watch a Sci-fi movie if you usually watch Romantic Comedies…you get the idea. Try the opposite concept – whatever you usually do try the opposite of. You usually stay up late? Try getting up early, really early, to watch the sunset. You usually listen to classical music? Try some heavy metal. Or if you’re usually into rock try some jazz.

My “new” thing this summer was starting this blog! I had always intended to try something like this out and with the extra time needed to set one up, I went for it! And voila, here’s the product.

  • Do something crazy

Wear crazy clothes – mismatching fluro colours, top hat, feather boa and blame it on the summer heat. Try eating some wacky foods from other countries. Snails can be quite nice, or even better try cooking it yourself to REALLY extend yourself. Crazy things are always more fun – and get more out of hand with friends so grab a crowd and try speaking in a British accent all day on the trains.

A group of my friends and I started singing the song we were learning at a camp down the street, harmonies, facial expressions and all in the middle of a busy Melbourne street and the reactions of the people around us were hilarious! We even had a bride in dress and all come down and boogie with us.

Get into the spirit of Summer!

Get into the spirit of Summer!

  • Learn a new skill

You have all this time, so why not?! Check out a TAFE course or a short course at a university. If you’re a teen or a kid there are plenty of summer programs out there in anything you could possibly want from Jewellery Making to Martial Arts to Waterskiing. Dance is always fun and aerobic. You can meet some great people this way too; people you wouldn’t normally hang out with who add an extra dimension to your life.

I did a Musical Theatre Group at a music summer school this year and made a heap of new friends and improved my vocal technique and stetched myself.

  • Stay at a random relatives place

This idea has many upsides to it:

Firstly, it’s free and a chance to see new places and meet new people which goes well with our first step

Secondly, it gives you a chance to connect with people who face it ARE related to you. You can get to hear some great family stories that prehaps you’ve never had the chance to before.

  • Volunteer

What better way to spend the summer than to spend it helping other people. There are countless organisations where you can volunteer. you’ll find that although you set out to try and help other people, they end up helping you in deeper ways than you can ever imagine!


Best Summer Song January 15, 2009

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My Summer Anthem for ’09 is Jack Johnson’s ‘BubbleToes’

From the Album 'Brushfire Fairytales'

From the Album 'Brushfire Fairytales'

It’s so quirky and you know what I’d like to pretend I was that girl in the song, “Beauty will follows wherever she goes”

I like the line “Move like a Jellyfish, rhythm means nothing you go with the flow dont stop”

Plus it’s so funky and danceable which a summer song should be, with a kicking rhythm part and funky guitar riff bordering on a Latin vibe.

Mmmm that’s summer for me!