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Advice for Teens Getting Their Wisdom Teeth Out January 8, 2009

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As spoken from experience because I’m actually experiencing it right now wrapped up in some groovy icepack thing

Help this little feller on his way to recovery

Help this little feller on his way to recovery

Anyways, here’s some tips


…as the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Advises. You only make it worse. Oh sure, everytime you mention your upcoming operation you get gasps, sympathetic looks, winces and horror stories and I myself was starting to freak out after experiencing these sorts of reactions EVERYTIME I TOLD SOMEONE! But it isn’t all that bad and countless people go through it and come through to the other end unscarred. Mine was only a half hour procedure. So relax.

2) Stock up on Icecream, Jelly, Yoghurt and Chocoalte Mousse

..this is the best excuse in the world to indulge and NO ONE is going to begrude you. Side’s icecream is my favourite because it slips down with minimal chewing (which is a good thing), tastes good and cools the insides of the mouth.

3) REST!

…ok so you’re up to the eyes with painkillers and you’re not feeling sick at all…but trust me this is only an illusion. Dont do what I did and get all excited and start doing stuff and then collapse in a mess as a weakling for the rest of the day. Just lie down on the couch surrounded by movies, books, ipods, kittens and whatever else takes your fancy andwhittle away the time nicely.