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That’s the way I like it! October 26, 2009

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Free like a bird!

Free Like a Bird


End of thirteen years of an institution…I have survived with my individuality intact! And that is a feat my friends.

I remember in Year 7 running around like a wild, wooley fairy, me and my fellow non-conformists with flowers in our hair, climbing trees, imagining, avid followers of Anne of Green Gables.

I finished in red suspenders and a jazz hat dressed like a boy. Finally accepted to some degree I guess from the others. A little pruned I guess, more stylish, tactful, knowledgable…

Now the real world starts and boy am I pumped for it!



Exam Advice October 10, 2009

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Ok, so I only have one down
But I blitzed it!
So let me share  some great damn advice which I am working on following myself!
1) Have a time where you regulary do the subject you hate the most.
This helps you do it automattically instead of waiting until you feel motivated to do it. For instance I study for one hour after tea Math Methods (which is a tortuous subject for me)

2) Know you stuff backwards

That how I blitzed todays Music Performance Exam – I knew my pieces from heart which meant that even if I got nervous my fingers would automatically trace the patterns of Bach (or whatever piece I was playing) and allow for my mind to get in gear again. I was confident because i knew I could do it because of the hours I had put in. I had the freedom to show off! I aim to put this into work by writing an essay a day (at least) until the English Exam. Now that I’ve written that I’ll HAVE to do it!

3) If your getting nervous about an exam DISTRACT THYSELF
Nerves can kill even an exam you’re prepared for. So don’t think about it. And if you do,¬† think positively. I found that if I thought about my exam today the nerves started pinching my insides. So in the car on the way down I immersed myself in reading my Literature books and played my favourite music in the car (bopping along and singing as loud as possible!). Other-study distraction is probably best but if it’s what you need I give you permission for a bite of Facebook.

4) Be confident.
If you’ve put in the hours it will pay off. You have never been as ready in your life to tackle these challenges as you are now.

Here’s to us suffering the rigours of exams! See you on the other side when I can get a chance to kick this blog into shape!