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About Stranded Gypsy Girl December 10, 2008

That's Me!

That's Me!

Hey there!

I’m Erin Lancaster, the author of Stranded Gypsy Girl

It’s a collection of inspiration, tips, musings, poetry, prose, stories and humour that I hope will brighten your day or make you think.

I’m a seventeen-going-on-eighteen girl living in a tiny (100 people!) country town in the amazing country of Australia. I refuse to be classed as a small town girl though with massive ideas and dreams that I hope will change the world someday.

I have a passion for music, writing, books, theatre and most of all PEOPLE and find that good cup of tea (English Breakfast, Chai or Mint) fuels me in doing these things.

So, to get started on Stranded Gypsy Girl:

* You can look in the categories section for something that interests you be it Poetry, Ideas to Improve your life, Culture and Society, Fashion or Music

* Add your thoughts to a post by commenting on it

* If you like what you read, you can make sure you are updated on every new post by clicking ‘Entries RSS’ on the right hand side or email me to receive email updates on new posts.

Some good posts to start off with:

* 57 Things I want to do before I die

* How to Get Everyone in the World to Like You

You can contact me via email:


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