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ASSORTED NIBBLIES #1 April 24, 2009

Being a busy (newly) 18 year old with her final year of high school, production and violin to keep her constantly on the go…it’s hard to write my usual superbly crafted articles for this blog on a regular basis (note sarcasm intended) therefore every so often on a much more frequent basis I will include these ‘Assorted Nibbles’ – much like assorted nibblies you find at party they are small interesting snippets full of flavour that satiate your taste buds until the next meal arrives.

So enjoy!

Party Aftermath

“You left your mask behind

Hanging on my tree

And with a fixed grin it is

Completely mocking me”

Erin’s Study Tip: Do not do you study within arms reach of food. But do have it in arms reach of water

“He looses it in the most beautiful way” Julia Lester Classic FM Radio Announcer. What we could hope for every musician at one point in their careers.

Song I have a crush on at the moment: ‘Times Are A Changin’ cover by Tracey Chapman yeah I know classic oldie right but I am young and so have only just discovered it for myself. The words are so powerful and I’m just praying that they have as much relevance to this decade as it did in the 70’s cos there’s so much out there that needs some ‘changes’ and yes i do want to be one of those ‘writers and prophets’…and Tracey’s voice just fits suits this song so well.

Latest Mission: Making people I come into contact with feel like they matter and that they’re worthwhile. Inpisred by Gandhi who I’ve been reading about lately and how he abolished the Indian caste of the ‘Untouchables’ – let no one be an Untouchable in your life – instead reach out and touch their lives and who nkows you could change it. There’s also an Indian Caste of the ‘Invisibles’ who people dont even see. Wouldn’t it be amazing to them if someone actually looked them in the eye and noticed them for who they were. So dont ignore people even if you feel awkward around them – meet their eye and even with a simple nod acknowelge their prescence!


I have to get this off my chest and into the world of blogging February 16, 2009

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i got threatened today that if i bring my guitar and play it at school camp it will get smashed. from one of my supposed friends. i’m like WHAT guitars bring atmosphere to camps!!!! but then i remembered year 9 camp where i hardly played it at all and the girls hid it under my bed and didnt tell me where it was and i freaked. i’m still bringing it though. wont let those stupid conformists stifle me…..JUST WAIT TILL I’M A FAMOUS MUSICIAN


Best Summer Song January 15, 2009

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My Summer Anthem for ’09 is Jack Johnson’s ‘BubbleToes’

From the Album 'Brushfire Fairytales'

From the Album 'Brushfire Fairytales'

It’s so quirky and you know what I’d like to pretend I was that girl in the song, “Beauty will follows wherever she goes”

I like the line “Move like a Jellyfish, rhythm means nothing you go with the flow dont stop”

Plus it’s so funky and danceable which a summer song should be, with a kicking rhythm part and funky guitar riff bordering on a Latin vibe.

Mmmm that’s summer for me!