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6 Reasons to LOVE Frogger December 17, 2008

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1. Even your Dad loves it because it takes him back to his childhood and he’ll exclaim excitedly, “FROGGER!!!!”2. The cheery, uplifting music…nothing else better to hear at 11 O’clock at night to lift a mood. Even when a truck hits you the music remains happy and joyful, as if to say, “Dont worry about the fact that you’re now roadkill, you can try again” *smile*

3. It’s Addictive…”You just stuff up and then you got to do it again” quote from Frogger addict to my left

4. It helps you explore the forms of various wildlife…from what I can hear there is everything from crocodiles, turtles, trucks, cars and of course, frogs

5. “Helps you learn to cross roads and stuff”…another quote from my fellow Frogger player to the left explains the educational values of Frogger. It helps you learn when to go and when not to go, teaching young children from an early age the consequences of reckless pedestrian behaviour.

6. It’s overall mindblowing…or so they say

There's more to this game than meets the eye

There's more to this game than meets the eye